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    A handheld steamer is best used to get out wrinkles from clothing with a lighter weight fabric that does not to be crisp and pressed.

    As the best garment steamer, I suggest

    The J-2000 Jiffy

    The Jiffy J-2000 is a USA made appliance, we are pleased to say this shows in every pore of its design. It features a 1,300 watt solid brass heating element encased in a high-impact LEXAN outer housing for long lasting durability. Other parts include solid brass couplings which ensure a firm and solid connection for the hose to the water tank. The unit sits on four swivel caster wheels to allow for easy mobility.

    The removable water reservoir has a large 3/4 gallon capacity and features a “no spill” check valve cap to make filling the tank as easy as possible. Due to its high wattage heater, the Jiffy J-2000 is able to heat-up in just two minutes so you can start steaming your fabrics quickly when you’re in a rush. One full tank gives you up to 90 minutes of steam time, which is more than adequate for most residential needs.

    It comes with a 5.5 foot hose and 6-inch plastic steam head. The 62-inch tall aluminium rod allows you to hang garments from its loop so you can steam down your garments easily. However, we would recommend using a steam board to make things even easier.

    An automatic safety feature is built-in which shuts off the machine in the event that it goes dry to prevent any hazards.

    Here you can check the price and find more Best Clothes Steamer

    best garment steamer